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After the controversy surrounding his failed drug test, a BBBofC official is now examining Conor Benn and Eddie Hearn as they prepare for their comeback on September 23.

Conor Benn, the current WBA Continental Welterweight Champion, was on the verge of achieving stability when the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) intervened. He is set to face off against Mexican fighter Rodolfo Orozco at the Caribe Royale in Orlando on September 23. This comes after a year-long battle to prove his innocence following two failed Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) tests. However, the BBBofC feels that Benn is not yet ready to return to the ring.

At the beginning of this year, WBC was able to prove that he did not intentionally use performance-enhancing substances. Despite this, the United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) temporarily banned him from participating in any sports in March. However, the suspension was lifted by the National Anti-Doping Panel in July. UKAD and the BBBofC continued to challenge this decision. Conor Benn had given up his boxing license the previous year.

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In light of recent events, discussions about Benn’s upcoming comeback gained momentum. Eventually, it was revealed that he would be facing Rodolfo Orozco as part of the undercard for the Richardson Hitchins versus Jose Zepeda Super Lightweight fight on DAZN. Considering the relevant factors, this decision likely came as a shock to many. The BBBofC later released a statement, which was reported by talkSPORT’s Michael Benson yesterday.

The representative of the governing body expressed that Conor Benn should not participate in the upcoming weekend’s competition as he has not resolved his legal issues. The statement reads, “He has not cleared his name. There are still several unresolved issues that everyone is aware of. We have decided to appeal the decision made by the NADP. However, when Eddie Hearn claims that he has cleared his name – we have not received an explanation of how the positive test occurred, so I do not fully agree with Eddie on that. Personally, I do not believe he should be allowed to box until this matter is resolved.”

Last April, Conor Benn successfully defended his title against his eighth challenger. In October, he was scheduled to have a highly anticipated fight against Chris Eubank Jr., the son of another boxing legend. However, the results of some tests caused a delay in the bout. This marked the start of a tumultuous period for Benn, where his luck alternated between good and bad and he may have been unsure of what the future holds.

After announcing his fight, Conor Benn received a lot of mixed reactions from fans with some questioning his credibility for posting an explosive training video.

After revealing his upcoming fight, Conor Benn received a variety of responses from fans. Some questioned his credibility due to a provocative training video he shared.

What are your thoughts on the statements made by the BBBofC? Do you agree with delaying his return at this point? Please share your opinions and perspectives in the comments section.

According to his wife, Conor Benn was considering suicide after not answering her call during a doping test issue. She was so upset that she thought he had taken his own life.

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