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After the conclusion of SmackDown, John Cena participated in a dark match against the current champion.

John Cena caused a commotion at Golden 1 Center tonight when he waited until the final segment of the showdown to make his entrance. After Paul Heyman announced that Cena was unable to attend due to transportation problems, resulting in some harsh comments from Waller, the enthusiastic leader of Cenation stepped in and saved himself from an attack by The Bloodline with assistance from LA Knight. With Knight signing the contract, Cena has found the ideal partner for Fastlane.

However, in addition to resolving his Fastlane problem this evening, Cena also achieved a victory off-camera against the highly regarded villain Dominik Mysterio for the enjoyment of the fans.

John Cena defeated Dominik Mysterio in a non-televised match after SmackDown.

After the performance, Cena issued an open challenge for a dark match and ‘Dom Dom’ was prepared to accept it.

After successfully defeating Dragon Lee on Raw last week, Mysterio appeared calm and self-assured as he entered to confront ‘The Champ’. However, he ultimately left with a clear loss just a few minutes later.

John Cena has achieved many incredible feats in WWE that are difficult to surpass.

Even though it was an unadvertised match and there was no championship at stake, the crowd appeared thrilled to witness Cena defeat Mysterio’s infamous attitude.

The true hidden fight occurred afterwards when Seth Rollins and Gunther engaged in a predetermined brawl.

Viewers are demanding justice for a WWE camera person who appeared to film John Cena, who was not physically present, during a live TV segment titled “Into The Hall of Fame.”

Fans are calling for fair treatment of a WWE camera operator who may have unintentionally captured footage of John Cena, who did not physically appear, during the live TV feature “Into The Hall of Fame.”

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After the conclusion of SmackDown, John Cena participated in a dark match against the reigning champion, as reported by EssentiallySports.