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After Paulo Costa revealed that he may have to undergo surgery just days before his scheduled fight against Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 294, a wave of aggressive teasing followed with the phrase “Khamzat Will Choke You Out” being used as a form of trolling.

Historical evidence suggests that a fighter’s skill level does not necessarily determine their level of popularity. According to UFC CEO Dana White, Khamzat Chimaev is currently the second most popular fighter in the UFC, following Conor McGregor. This can be easily understood when looking at Chimaev’s success and appeal.

The Chechen has dominated all his opponents so far, except Gilbert Burns. He has great mic skills and has a knack for saying all the right things. From screaming assertions that he would “kill them all”, ‘them’ being his upcoming opponents, to promising to make his upcoming UFC 294 middleweight opponent Paulo Costa cry in the octagon, Chimaev is a menace. And, it seems, given the latest update on his social media by Paulo Costa, the middleweight might just succeed.

Paulo Costa disclosed that he underwent a surgical procedure shortly before his fight with Khamzat Chimaev.

Paulo Costa shared on his Instagram that he had recently undergone a surgical procedure on his elbow. He uploaded photos of his elbow before and after the surgery, as well as images and videos from the hospital. In a particular video, he displayed restricted movement in his right elbow and was unable to lift his arm due to the surgery. This is concerning, especially since Chimaev seems intent on not only defeating Costa but also embarrassing him.


Check out this post on Instagram.



The content was shared by Paulo Costa on his Instagram account.

“How resilient are you? You never truly know until you face trials and challenges.”🔥 of life.
I underwent surgery three weeks ago with 10 stitches. Despite the challenges, I am determined to keep improving and pushing myself. It hasn’t slowed me down, as I continue to spar and do all my usual activities. I am grateful for the exceptional physical condition given to me by God and for the amazing people in my life.🙌🧃🧬,” he wrote as the caption.

Fans were quick to express their opinions about this development in the comments section.

Fan response to Costa’s surgery update

Fans were displeased with Costa’s post, believing it was a preemptive excuse in case he lost to Chimaev. Here are some comments from fans:

“Typically, these tales of courage are shared after the battle, rather than beforehand.”

“Don’t worry. Khamzat is capable of subduing you in just 60 seconds. It’s a good reason to skip the fight. Use your secret supplement to heal your injury.”

I anticipate excuses being made for the upcoming loss, as Khazmat is expected to defeat his opponent through submission.

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“excuses 😂 before fight”

“What is the reason for making excuses? It is obvious that he was truly injured.”

“Is the surgery taking place right before the fight?”

Difficult situations strengthen Paulo’s resilience and endurance.

Hopefully the fight will still take place and I hope you have fully recovered.🤞🏾

“Are you saying that you’re going to withdraw from the fight?”

What is your opinion on Costa’s recent surgery, which took place just days before his fight against Chimaev? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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After Paulo Costa revealed his surgery scare just days before his UFC 294 fight against Khamzat Chimaev, the post titled “Khamzat Will Choke You Out” sparked a barrage of malicious trolling on EssentiallySports.