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After joining Olivia Dunne in a strange decision, Angel Reese reflects on the positive impact it has had on her.

In the realm of collegiate basketball, Angel Reese stands out as more than just an average player. As a representative of Louisiana State University (LSU), her skills on the court distinguish her from her peers. However, in addition to her impressive basketball abilities, a recent choice made by Reese has garnered attention from fans and the media.

A surprising choice has recently united two up-and-coming athletes in the sports world: Angel Reese and Olivia Dunne.

Reese and Dunne made a peculiar decision

Angel Reese, a renowned figure in the sports world, has amassed a significant following of 2 million on social media. Her crucial contributions to LSU’s pursuit of a national championship have elevated her to celebrity status. In light of her widespread fame and acclaim, Angel Reese has opted to pursue online education.

During a discussion with Lisa Leslie from Glamour magazine, she shared, “Although I do attend one class in person because I like being on campus and interacting with others, the rest of my courses are taken online.”

Reese also conveyed her appreciation for LSU and their support throughout her journey. “LSU offers a program known as NIL LSU, which aids athletes in embracing the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) concept and assists in developing our individual brands,” Reese elaborated.

On July 12, 2023 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California, USA, LSU basketball player Angel Reese walked the red carpet for THE ESPYS event. This photo is for editorial use only and is copyrighted by xKirbyxLeex under the publication rights for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

In July, LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne announced her choice to enroll in online classes following her rise to fame. She cited safety as the primary factor for this decision.

In an interview with Elle magazine, she expressed her concerns about her safety. She stated, “There have been some frightening incidents in the past and I want to be cautious. I don’t want my daily schedule and whereabouts to be known.” This was after a group of boys approached her for a photo during her first meet of the season.

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Student athletes like Angel Reese face a challenging journey in finding success in both college sports and academics.

Angel Reese’s balancing act

During a recent discussion, Reese shared her methods for managing both her role as a student and her role as an athlete. “When I’m playing basketball, I’m fully focused on the game and treat it like a business. When I’m at school, I prioritize my academics,” Reese explained.

During the discussion, Reese also shared about her healing moments. She stated, “My time at home is my period of relaxation. I prioritize self-care, such as getting my nails done, receiving massages, and getting my hair styled – it’s a form of therapy for me.”

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During her well-deserved break, Angel Reese’s skill in seeking therapy and self-care emphasizes the significance of student-athletes’ well-being, enabling them to maintain excellence both on and off the court.

Angel Reese recently spoke about her experience after joining Olivia Dunne in a controversial decision, describing it as “therapeutic.” The discussion was published on EssentiallySports.