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“After facing ongoing criticism, the IFBB has finally addressed the issue of bodybuilders being denied visas for entry into the US, acknowledging that it is a matter outside of their control.”

Bodybuilding is an international athletic competition that attracts athletes from various countries. The prestigious Mr. Olympia event draws in top bodybuilders from all over the world, not just the United States. However, due to the event being held in the US, many aspiring bodybuilders face difficulties in traveling to America. This issue has been occurring more frequently.

Mr. Olympia LLC recently posted a picture on their Instagram account. The message written on the image was regarding the recent immigration challenges that athletes have been facing. The information was provided to clarify the current situation regarding the same.

Bodybuilding challenge leading up to Mr. Olympia competition

The post addressed a common issue that arises for athletes who wish to participate in the Mr. Olympia competition in the United States. The caption of the post mentioned that they have been keeping track of the difficulties faced by certain athletes in their attempts to travel to the US for this year’s Olympia. The topic of immigration can be quite complex and each individual’s situation is unique, depending on their country of origin, political climate, and personal background.


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Additionally, they stated that they offer assistance to athletes by providing them with “invitation letters” upon request. These letters can aid athletes during their immigration procedures. However, there are limitations to their support as immigration issues fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and immigration personnel assigned to each individual case. They expressed gratitude for the efforts of all parties involved.

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During difficult times, they express their appreciation to those who contribute to the Olympia, a global competition that embraces participants from all over the world. Unfortunately, certain bodybuilders are unable to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills on this esteemed platform.

Several well-known bodybuilders have encountered difficulties with immigration.


Behrooz Tabani, an Iranian bodybuilder, may not be able to participate in Mr. Olympia 2023 due to visa issues, despite winning the 2023 Arnold Classic South America. There is uncertainty surrounding their eligibility for the competition.

Nathan De Asha, a bodybuilder who achieved victory in two significant competitions, is among the bodybuilders who may not be able to compete in this year’s Mr. Olympia due to his visa being rejected for entry into the US. He has faced previous issues with law enforcement for taking a stand against racism.

Many fans are disappointed that the Mr. Olympia competition consistently takes place in the same location. Upon learning about the visa denials, they were not shocked as this has occurred in the past. What are your thoughts on this situation? Feel free to share in the comments.

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