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After being rejected, Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to accept a $500 million deal. The former Bayern Munich manager has now shown interest in joining Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League.

The Saudi Pro League gained worldwide recognition this year by acquiring well-known European players. Famous soccer stars such as Karim Benzema and Neymar Jr followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s lead in furthering their careers in the Middle East. In light of this, a German soccer veteran has expressed strong interest in the Saudi teams, after indirectly helping pave the way for CR7’s move to Al Nassr.

After his contract with Manchester United ended, the well-known Portuguese soccer star was linked to several teams. It was rumored that he would join Bayern Munich to strengthen their offense. However, the former German CEO rejected the experienced forward’s transfer, resulting in his move to Asia.

What was the opinion of Bayern’s iconic player on Saudi clubs and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Oliver Kahn believed that soccer stars garner admiration in any league they participate in their career. SPL has turned this into reality after a significant surge in support from soccer fans worldwide. On this note, the veteran goalkeeper disclosed that his 12-year-old son is one such similar enthusiast. He developed an interest in the Saudi teams after the arrival of the numerous soccer icons.

However, the growing popularity of Middle Eastern football has caught the eye of Kahn. In an interview, the CEO of Bayern stated, “Young people admire the top players regardless of their team. If Al Nassr has Ronaldo and Mane, Al Hilal has Neymar, or Al Ittihad has Benzema, they will be interested. I will also pay attention to them.”

During this time, Oliver Kahn played a small role in influencing Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Al Nassr worth $500 million. Bayern Munich decided not to pursue the possibility of signing the Real Madrid legend during the winter transfer period. As a result, Ronaldo’s desire to continue playing in European leagues decreased significantly.

Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s unacceptable actions, his teammates at Al Nassr have been suspended for several games in the Saudi Pro League.

After Cristiano Ronaldo displayed disgraceful behavior, his fellow players at Al Nassr have been barred from participating in multiple matches in the Saudi Pro League.

What was Oliver Kahn’s reason for disapproving of CR7 joining Bayern Munich?

After leaving Manchester United for the second time, Cristiano Ronaldo was searching for a new team. Bayern was in need of a forward after Robert Lewandowski left the club. However, the 54-year-old former CEO did not see Ronaldo as their top option. Oliver Kahn later clarified Bayern’s decision to reject the 37-year-old superstar.

The German soccer team had a different strategy for the season and Cristiano Ronaldo did not agree with how they played. Kahn commented, “We talked about Cristiano Ronaldo and I believe he is one of the best soccer players ever. However, we decided that, despite our admiration for him, he would not fit into our philosophy in the current state of the team.” Nonetheless, Cristiano Ronaldo has found a home in the Saudi league and has chosen Al Nassr as his last club before retiring from his successful career.

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After being rejected, Cristiano Ronaldo was compelled to accept a $500 million deal several months later. The former Bayern Munich manager has now shown interest in joining Al Nassr and the Saudi Pro League.