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After being fined over $6 million, Shakira issues a public statement following the release of a track that insulted Gerard Pique’s father.

Shakira is currently being accused of tax fraud in Spain. This comes as she was already facing trial for a previous tax fraud case worth $16 million. It is alleged that the 46-year-old failed to pay $6.3 million in taxes in 2018 by using shell companies to evade taxes, despite earning a significant amount from her tour in Spain that year. These allegations are damaging her reputation as a beloved artist from Barranquilla with a large global fanbase.

Currently, there is a lot of debate surrounding the celebrity as she gained attention for including harsh lyrics towards her ex-partner Gerard Pique’s father in her song ‘El Jefe.’ Unexpectedly, Shakira and her legal team have released a public statement addressing the allegations of tax fraud. What was Shakira’s response to the charges brought by Spanish prosecutors? Let’s discover.

to address the recent plagiarism accusations

Shakira and her lawyers drafted a statement to publicly address the current allegations of plagiarism.

According to sources, the singer of ‘Waka Waka’ did not report a total of $12.6 million in profits from her El Dorado World Tour in 2018. At the time, she was living in Spain and the law required all residents to pay taxes on their earnings regardless of where they were generated. Prosecutors allege that Shakira used shell companies to redirect the funds in order to evade paying a significant amount of taxes. The accusation states that she now owes the government $6.3 million in taxes, including interest on any voluntary payments. Shakira’s legal team has issued a response to the second allegation made against her.



The beginning of the statement stated, “The”

The artist and her legal team want to state that Shakira has not been officially notified about the lawsuit that is currently being reported by the media, which pertains to the 2018 fiscal year.

According to Shakira’s legal team, the pop star was informed about the lawsuit through the media and is currently awaiting official notification through legal channels.

The article stated that the singer known as ‘She Wolf’ has consistently followed the law and paid her taxes on time. Shakira is currently in Miami, focusing on her music career. However, this is a major setback for the popular artist, as she is already facing another case of tax fraud.

The initial tax fraud lawsuit brought against the individual from Colombia.

A 46-year-old individual has been charged with neglecting to pay $16 million in taxes from 2012 to 2014. The complaint was filed by the Prosecutor’s Office of Economic Crimes in Barcelona. Following the widespread coverage of the news, the person’s legal team promptly issued a statement refuting the accusations and asserting their client’s innocence.

Shakira, the popular pop star, is currently involved in a legal battle regarding a $16,200,000 trial. This comes just a few days after receiving positive updates from Jimmy Butler about her health.

Shakira, a renowned pop singer, is currently embroiled in a legal dispute over a $16,200,000 court case. This follows shortly after receiving encouraging updates on her well-being from Jimmy Butler.

According to sources, Shakira has been accused of tax fraud but maintains her innocence and plans to defend herself in court. Her legal team is now facing another legal matter, which has caused a major setback for the celebrity. If the Spanish court finds her guilty, she could potentially face up to eight years in prison.

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Shakira recently released a statement following a lawsuit that resulted in a fine of over $6 million. The lawsuit was sparked by a track that contained disrespectful lyrics towards Gerard Pique’s father.