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After admitting to an “eye attack,” Liver King stuns the internet with additional information about his severe injury, known as “Brain Damage.”

example could be the constant pressure to maintain a certain level of physical attractiveness.

Social media influencers often feel pressured to present a flawless image to their followers, which can have negative effects. For instance, they may feel obligated to maintain a certain level of physical

The individual who succumbed to the pressure of impressing their followers with an impressive body is known as Brian Johnson, also known as Liver King. Although he was able to establish himself as a primal figure who relies solely on natural resources for his survival and fitness progress, it was later discovered that he was using excessive amounts of performance-enhancing drugs and steroids to achieve a muscular appearance.

a coverup

Several months after the initial controversy, Liver King recently shared a new update stating that he has suffered eye injuries that require him to wear an eye patch. However, due to his past actions, there are doubts among many people that this may just be a way to conceal the truth.

It is simply a marketing strategy to remain current and noteworthy.

Recently, he provided another update about his health, which may surprise a lot of people. Let’s see what it is.

Liver King provides further information on his ‘ocular assault’.

Brian Johnson, a well-known fitness influencer also known as ‘Liver King’ for his ancestral lifestyle, regularly creates content promoting the advantages of consuming uncooked, unprocessed meats. In his recent videos, he has been spotted wearing a patch.
that he has been using a carnivore diet for over 5 years.

According to his website, Liver King has followed a carnivore diet for more than 5 years. that he suffered an ‘eye attack.’ Speaking about this horrendous incident, he wrote, “

I endured attacks, was knocked unconscious, experienced a concussion, was transported by ambulance to the hospital, and sustained injuries to my eye.


Check out this post on Instagram.


I do not have a notification or comment to reword.

“Just a short while later, I posted another photo on Instagram where I shared that I was struggling with brain injury.”

After a brief time, he shared a second post on Instagram in which he disclosed that he was facing brain injury. He stated, “Shortly after that, I uploaded another picture on Instagram where I talked about my struggles with brain damage.”

“Now, everyone is inquiring about the specifics – how exactly did it occur?”

Additionally, he explained,

“I was severely injured and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. After undergoing CT scans, I discovered that I had multiple concussions and damage to my brain, specifically behind my eye. As a result, I am currently focused on resting, healing, and recovering.”

Besides the supporters and audience, Greg Doucette, a veteran bodybuilder and IFBB professional coach, appears to believe that this could be another fabricated tale by Liver King for attention.

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Greg Doucette gives his thoughts on the matter.

Doucette has been involved in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for many years. He began weightlifting during his teenage years and earned his professional status in 2012. As a result, he possesses a wealth of knowledge on steroids and performance-enhancing substances.

Doucette reports that Liver King is still using anabolic substances, despite his previous statement that he would stop..

As stated by the IFBB professional coach,

As the Liver King continues to create videos, people become accustomed to his content and the shock factor decreases. To maintain viewership, he must constantly increase the intensity of his videos compared to the previous ones.

Do you think Liver King is still trying to stay relevant? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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The Liver King recently made a startling revelation about his eye injury, months after admitting to using steroids. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

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