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After a surprise victory against Erling Haaland’s Man City, 22-year-old Brazilian starlet left MVP Joel Embiid with just three words.

The popularity of soccer cannot be denied, as it recently created another noteworthy moment. During a recent match, a 22-year-old Brazilian player caused an upset against Manchester City’s Erling Haaland. This result was celebrated by NBA star Joel Embiid, who expressed his excitement with just three words.

The Most Valuable Player expressed his thoughts on the result of the game, as it could potentially be a pivotal moment for the English team. The basketball star’s active participation caught the attention of everyone as soccer took a pause.

What were Joel Embiid’s words?

In the eighth week of Premier League games, the reigning champions from Manchester went up against Arsenal in an away match. The anticipation for this game was at its peak, as City had dashed the London team’s hopes for the title in the previous season. However, the runners-up got their revenge with a goal from Gabriel Martinelli in the 86th minute at Emirates Stadium. His shot, which was deflected, secured the win for his team, prompting Embiid to post, “HUGE VICTORY!!!! GOONERS,” in celebration.

Furthermore, not only did the victory against this rival boost their confidence, but it also moved them ahead of Haaland’s team in the standings. Arsenal solidified their spot in second place, tied with the league leaders, Tottenham Hotspur. This outcome before the upcoming international break has the potential to significantly impact the fortunes of the North London club.

Therefore, Embiid had a valid cause for enthusiasm regarding this result, as it prolonged their opponent’s string of losses. As the Gunners strive for the championship following the disappointment of the previous season, one of their most loyal followers decided to remain loyal. This caused us to reflect on one particular aspect.


The Arsenal supporter competing for NBA MVP.

The Philadelphia 76ers talisman has always been vocal about his love for the team. From visiting their games to supporting them from afar, his admiration developed from his roots. The 29-year-old supported the EPL side out of his love for “French people”.

“Unhappy Warriors fans criticize Stephen Curry and his team for their harsh decision to face potential bullying from Jokic or AD.”

The 6-time All-Star, originally from Cameroon, is proficient in French due to his admiration for the country’s culture. This deep connection with France and its influence on both him and Arsenal has created a lasting bond between them. This strong relationship has been reinforced by recent events, serving as further evidence of their unbreakable connection.

The fans of the 76ers, while their beloved soccer team is thriving, are likely anticipating a memorable season following a period of hardship under the MVP’s guidance.

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