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According to JJ Redick, James Harden’s return, along with multiple draft picks, will result in another valuable addition to the team. He also believes that Philadelphia may not be finished making trades.

In less than 10 days since the start of the new season, a long-running drama has come to an end. James Harden will be joining the Los Angeles Clippers, as both sides have finally come to an agreement. Harden’s wish of being traded to the Clippers has been granted, as he did not want to go anywhere else. He went to great lengths, including publicly criticizing Daryl Morey, the president of the Philadelphia 76ers, in order to make his desire a reality.

Joel Embiid’s exceptional performance last season has allowed Philadelphia to shift their attention entirely to on-court affairs. The announcement of Harden’s trade was first revealed by ESPN’s insider, Adrian Wojnarowski.


JJ Redick thinks that the 76ers have additional strategies planned.

JJ Redick thinks that even though James Harden’s value has gone down, the Philadelphia 76ers have benefited from the trade. He believes that the team can continue to improve their roster by making more smart moves. He compares this to the Portland Trail Blazers’ trade for Damian Lillard, saying that the 76ers are not finished making deals.

Redick recognizes the caliber of the players involved in the trade. Nevertheless, he maintains that with the proper strategy, Philadelphia can fully take advantage of its new agreement.

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Details of the James Harden trade

To fulfill Harden’s request, the Sixers traded three players – Harden, Tucker, and Petrušev – to the Los Angeles Clippers. In return, they acquired five players, multiple draft picks, and a swap. Among these acquisitions were Morris, Batum, Covington, and Martin. While these players may not be in their prime, they are still valuable role players when utilized effectively. The trade also includes an unprotected first-round pick for 2028 and two second-round picks. Additionally, the Sixers have obtained a draft-pick swap in 2029 and a first-round pick in 2026 from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The end of the James Harden situation seems to have reached a satisfactory outcome. The relationship between the star player and the team had become strained. Harden accused Sixers’ president Daryl Morey of being dishonest and stated that he would refuse to play for a team under Morey’s management. This put the 76ers in a difficult position, especially since Harden had not played for them yet this season.

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Harden has been selected as an All-Star 10 times. In addition, he topped the NBA in assists in the previous season with an average of 10.7 assists per game. Currently, he has teamed up with strong players such as Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook in Los Angeles.

According to JJ Redick, Philadelphia is not finished making moves, as James Harden’s return of multiple draft picks will lead to another valuable addition to the team.