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A video shows a young boy stepping in as a hero and delivering retribution in the style of UFC to his abusive stepfather.

The bond of a mother and son is one that goes beyond logical explanation. It is one filled with immense compassion and intense emotions. A mother can go to all lengths to protect her son and the same can be said for the son as well.

A popular video that is being shared on social media demonstrated the extreme strength of a mother-son bond, as Ser Jaime Lannister famously said, “the things we do for love”. In response to his stepfather’s alleged abuse towards his mother, a young son took matters into his own hands. The video, posted by the page ‘GLOBALFIGHTS’ on X, depicted the son unleashing a UFC-style attack on his stepfather while his mother watched. The man was left powerless and defeated on the floor.

The son gives his stepfather a taste of his own medicine, inspired by UFC-style fighting.

The courageous son was observed using a series of powerful blows to strike his father in the face. The son was overcome with anger and continued to yell and scream as he physically attacked him for his disobedient actions. He even resorted to kicking him in the face.

The stepfather refrained from fighting back and was observed receiving the physical attack. The situation worsened when the son grabbed a chair and hurled it towards him. The rest of the family also encouraged the son as he sought his own form of retribution.

According to an insider, there is more to Conor McGregor’s time on TUF 31 than the heavy criticism he has received. The source says that McGregor is simply a busy individual.

The online community responds to the severe defeat.

The father and son’s face-off was reminiscent of a previous one that occurred on the streets. However, this time it was not fueled by anger, but rather served as a meaningful moment for them to bond as they playfully boxed in the middle of the street.


There was a lot of online discussion about the video and many people showed their support for the young boy. Here are a few responses.

The user inquired about whether the stepfather was intoxicated.

Natalie expressed that resorting to violence is never the solution, but acknowledged the reasons behind why it occurred.

This user stated that the father received appropriate consequences in the end.

Emzy desired to comprehend the backstory and circumstances surrounding it.



The violent attack was not pleasant to watch, but there is no place for mistreatment within a family. The caring son intervened to defend his mother and successfully accomplished that.

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