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A video shows a car making a dangerous move that almost causes a group of professional cyclists to crash during a race.

The Famenne Ardenne Classic is greatly admired by fans for its exciting racing moments. However, this year’s event exceeded expectations by delivering even more drama. Arnaud De Lie’s impressive one-legged win certainly made the biggest impact.

Unfortunately, a situation arose when there was only 4 kilometers left which could have had disastrous consequences. Three cyclists, namely Dylan van Baarle, Yves Lampaert, and Stan Dewulf, had broken away and were slightly ahead of the main group of cyclists. A driver who was not paying attention suddenly made a risky maneuver, almost causing a collision with the oncoming group of cyclists.

A Frighteningly Close Encounter: Bikers Avoid Catastrophe

As the Famenne Ardenne Classic neared its end, the group of cyclists were riding at an intense speed. They were determined to win after completing a challenging 180 kilometers. With speeds potentially surpassing 50 km/h, the peloton was a strong presence as it approached the last 4 kilometers.

A driver who was not expecting it, and did not know that a group of cyclists was coming, decided to enter the road at that precise moment. The video, which became popular on Twitter and now has X views, captures the car directly in the way of the oncoming cyclists.

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Luckily, there were no accidents or injuries despite the potential for a disastrous crash. Some understandably angry riders threw water bottles at the unaware driver in the heat of the moment.


The response on social media has erupted.

The occurrence during the Famenne Ardenne Classic not only unsettled the group of cyclists, but also caused a surge of responses on social media. Cyclists and supporters both used X to express their surprise and annoyance.

The ironic remark, “Can you believe this cyclist using the roads… they’re probably running late for the pub,” expresses the frustration of those who witness irresponsible actions on the road.

A different user admitted, “This was the reason I stopped marshalling.”😢

The article highlights the difficulties that race marshals encounter while trying to keep cyclists safe during races.

This event also highlights the crucial importance of race marshals in protecting the credibility of cycling competitions.

Whether in the middle of the race or not, it is essential that drivers exhibit some road awareness. However, this display of pure obliviousness would have almost cost someone’s life. The driver seemed to be on autopilot, and even put his blinkers on, signaling the turn.

During a confrontation that could have been called “Bicyclists vs. Automobile,” our group of cyclists, traveling at high speeds comparable to a jet plane, clashed with an unaware driver. It resembled a scene from an intense film. As the cycling community and fans from around the world reflect on this adrenaline-inducing moment, it serves as a strong reminder that safety on the road is a joint responsibility. What are your opinions on this event? Share them in the comments below!

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