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A 36-year-old professional cyclist from the Netherlands will not participate in the cyclo-cross program this year due to recovering from surgery.

Famous Dutch cyclist Marianne Vos, an important member of the Jumbo-Visma team, has successfully come back to cycling. She had to take a break due to a recent surgery for iliac artery problems that affected her 2023 season. Vos had previously had the same surgery in 2020 and earlier this year. Significantly, she experienced constant pain and a decrease in strength throughout the year.

In a recent post on Instagram, she shared her happiness about returning to cycling. She also described her journey of recovery, suggesting an exciting path forward. However, the news of her not participating in cyclo-cross races in the near future has caused surprise among her followers and experts.

Returning to Action: Vos Makes Incredible Comeback

In August, Marianne Vos underwent iliac artery surgery in hopes of improving her performance and alleviating discomfort caused by iliac endofibrosis. This issue had previously required intervention in both 2020 and early 2023. Fortunately, the surgery has been successful and Vos has since returned to her Cervélo bike and is once again exploring the scenic roads of the Netherlands. She recently shared her progress on social media.


Check out this post on Instagram.


Marianne Vos (@mariannevosofficial) shared a post.

For the first five weeks of her recovery, Vos did not engage in any physical exercise to give her body time to heal. After that, she slowly began cycling again, starting with one-hour rides every other day. In the following three weeks, her training will become more rigorous, and by the end of the eighth week, she will be cycling for two hours daily.

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Vos’s dedication and perseverance towards her rehabilitation are clear, as she eagerly looks forward to resuming full training.

A Cyclo-Cross Hiatus: Focusing on the Road to 2024 

Although Marianne Vos’s fans may have anticipated her comeback to cyclo-cross racing this winter, the renowned 36-year-old cyclist has disappointed those hopes. Despite her past success as a world champion in cyclo-cross, Vos has announced that she will not be competing in any off-road races this season. Her main priority is now training for the 2024 road racing season.

Vos recently had a meeting with her new coach, Rutger Tijssen, who also holds the position of general manager for the Jumbo-Visma women’s team. They worked together to plan a strategic path for the upcoming year. Their main focus is establishing a strong foundation for Vos’ road racing pursuits. This decision was made as Vos and her team prepare for changes in their team and staff before the 2024 season. Despite some riders leaving, Marianne Vos will continue to play a crucial role on the Dutch team, alongside Anna Henderson and Riejanne Markus, as they prepare for another thrilling season.

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A 36-year-old professional cyclist from the Netherlands has decided to forego his cyclo-cross program this year due to recovering from surgery. This announcement was made on EssentiallySports.