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$50,000,000 NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice’s 21-Year-Old Son Forges His Own Path, Inks Major Brand Deal in College Football Journey

not about the money

Brenden Rice, a wide receiver for the USC Trojans, is breaking away from his prestigious family name in pursuit of establishing his own reputation in the realm of college football. At 21 years old, he has shown support for the NIL movement, stating “It’s not about the financial aspect.”

We have been greatly blessed.

His latest partnership with a prominent fashion company is another successful investment that he can take pride in.

Brenden Rice’s exceptional on-field performance this season is noteworthy. However, it is his entrepreneurial mindset off the field, inherited from his father Jerry Rice, that truly sets him apart from other players. He is among the athletes taking advantage of the new NCAA NIL rules to promote their unique identities and generate income, and he recently secured a significant deal.

Brenden Rice, a wide receiver for USC, has signed an agreement with Sohoodie.

New merch drop🔥🌊

Brenden Rice and Sohoodie recently shared a new Instagram post featuring their latest merchandise, captioned “New merch drop🔥🌊”.

Brenden Rice, the son of Jerry Rice who is widely regarded as the greatest receiver in NFL history, is carving out his own LEGACY as the top receiving threat for USC. Be sure to check out his USC and Legacy line of Sohoodies..”


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The picture reads, “

Sohoodie has reached an agreement with Brenden Rice for its second college football NIL partnership.

Sohoodie is a high-end fashion company specifically designed for sports enthusiasts. They pride themselves on being the first in the world to patent a detached hood for athletes. The brand has already gained popularity and has recruited well-known football players such as Travis Hunter and AJ Green.

Brenden Rice has entered into a deal with great fame and excitement due to his exceptional performance this season, proving that he has made a wise decision. However, this is not the first time the 21-year-old has secured lucrative deals in college football. He has previously partnered with brands such as MoneyLion, Centurion Lifestyle,, and Cameo for NIL agreements.

He wishes to identify himself apart from his father’s brand, stating, “

It is important to always have self-respect and behave with honor every day. Make sure that those around you see you as a positive representation of yourself, while also maintaining a humble attitude.

to lead the Trojans to victory

Brenden Rice of USC made an impressive comeback from the previous season, ultimately leading the Trojans to a win.

Brenden’s first year with the USC Trojans didn’t have a great start following his transfer from Colorado. In the previous season, he only managed to score four touchdowns and make 39 receptions for 611 yards. However, he is making a strong impression this season by performing like one of the top wide receivers in college football.

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With quarterback Caleb Williams by his side, Rice is rising to be a major threat in the USC offense. The team is still enjoying their 4-0 undefeated season, with Rice achieving five touchdowns and 257 yards in four weeks. He stated, “

In every place you visit, your last name is held in high regard. However, here at USC, there is no focus on last names. Instead, I am representing the brand in front of me, with only a number on my jersey..”

The player from the Pac-12 conference has a strong influence on fans and will likely contribute to the success of this venture. Keep an eye on his skills on the field as he leads USC against Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes at Folsom Field in the highly anticipated upcoming match.


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