Monday, May 13, 2024


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The United Kingdom is preparing their navy in the eastern Mediterranean in an effort to prevent further escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The U.K. will be sending military resources, such as surveillance planes and naval patrols, to the eastern Mediterranean in order to assist Israel, according to a statement made by Rishi Sunak on Thursday evening.

10 Downing Street announced that on Friday, the Royal Air Force will commence patrols to monitor potential threats to stability in the area. Additionally, a navy “task group” consisting of two Royal Navy ships will be relocated to the eastern Mediterranean to provide aid for humanitarian efforts.

The British government announced that the military aid is meant to de-escalate the situation and reaffirm their backing for Israel. Sunak has consistently stated that the U.K. stands in solidarity with Israel and has extended unwavering support following the unexpected attacks by Hamas on Saturday.

The prime minister stated that our highly skilled military will work with our allies to promote regional stability and prevent any further escalation.

He stated that our military and diplomatic units in the area will assist other countries in restoring safety and delivering aid to the many victims who have been affected by the cruel assault carried out by Hamas terrorists.

In addition to the two naval vessels, the military bundle also consists of three Merlin helicopters and a unit of Royal Marines, as well as P8 surveillance aircraft.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps stated that the Royal Navy Task Group, RAF operations, and other military assistance will serve as a strong demonstration of the U.K.’s determination to prevent Hamas’s terrorist efforts from succeeding. This will also serve as a reminder to those who are trying to escalate tensions that the forces of freedom stand in solidarity with the people of Israel.

Downing Street reported that Sunak also had a conversation with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whose country shares a border with both Gaza and Israel. In this conversation, Sunak emphasized the significance of assisting civilians in leaving Gaza and called for the opening of the Rafah border, the only crossing point between Gaza and Egypt.