Monday, June 24, 2024


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The European Union is seeking to enhance its defense capabilities in order to withstand potential threats from Russia.

According to a draft declaration seen by POLITICO, the EU plans to enhance its defense capabilities in response to Russia and the current global climate.

The informal leaders’ meeting next week in Granada, Spain will address the strengthening of defense readiness and the development of the European defense technological and industrial base, with a focus on increased investments.

The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the potential for Donald Trump to regain the presidency in the US next year, has caused Brussels to reconsider their defense strategy due to the possibility of reduced military aid for Kyiv.

According to Bloomberg’s initial report, the Granada declaration seeks to establish a political agenda for the upcoming European Commission. It will address topics such as competitiveness, migration, and enlargement.

The article discusses that the expansion of the European Union will strengthen “European independence and is a strategic decision for promoting peace, security, stability, and prosperity on our continent.”

Despite this, it is important for both the EU and potential member countries to be prepared. The Union must also take necessary steps internally in order to facilitate enlargement.

The preliminary declaration could potentially be modified prior to the summit taking place in Spain on October 6.