Wednesday, April 17, 2024


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The country of France is pulling their soldiers out of Niger.

French President Emmanuel Macron declared on Sunday that French soldiers will be pulled back from Niger within the next few months, following a military takeover in the West African nation earlier this summer.

The withdrawal of military forces from Niger follows the removal of French troops from neighboring Burkina Faso and Mali. This is due to increasing anti-French feelings in the region and unsuccessful attempts to combat jihadist terrorism in the Sahel area.

According to French authorities, Macron announced that France will soon recall its ambassador, who has been residing in the French embassy in Niamey under strict limitations.

During a television interview, Macron announced that France will be recalling its ambassador and additional diplomats within the upcoming hours.

French President Macron stated that the military partnership between France and Niger has come to an end and French soldiers will leave Niger before the end of the year. He further mentioned that there will be discussions with the coup leaders in the following weeks and months in order to achieve a peaceful resolution.

The military regime, which took control in July, demanded that France remove its soldiers participating in counter-terrorism efforts in North Africa. France promised to only withdraw their troops if the ousted President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, requested it.

There are currently 1,500 soldiers from France stationed at multiple bases throughout Niger.

Following the coup, France announced its potential backing of a military intervention led by the African regional organization ECOWAS to address the takeover in Niamey. However, with the recent decision to withdraw, this possibility seems increasingly less likely.