Monday, April 15, 2024


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The Conservative Party’s conference turned into a heated argument over Brexit when activist Steve Bray was removed.

Steve Bray, a protester against Brexit, got into a physical altercation with a delegate at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, England on Monday.

Bray, who has been a vocal protester against Brexit in front of parliament for years, was caught in a physical confrontation at an event put together by the Bruges Group.

Bray yelled, “Where are the benefits of Brexit?” before being confronted by a man at the event.

The two individuals engaged in a physical altercation before Bray was removed from the area.

Afterward, Bray informed POLITICO that he felt he had been physically attacked and was acting in self-defense. However, he stated that he would not be pursuing legal action.

For years, the demonstrator has been loudly expressing his opposition to Brexit to government officials and members of the Conservative party in public. He often uses a loudspeaker to shout his anti-Brexit messages from within Westminster.

The Bruges Group’s Monday event was scheduled to include a contribution from Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party, Lee Anderson.

Unfortunately, Anderson failed to attend the event.