Sunday, May 12, 2024


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The Austrian chancellor suggests that low-income families should consume meals at McDonald’s.

Austrian leader Karl Nehammer is facing criticism for suggesting in a video that financially struggling parents should provide their kids with McDonald’s burgers as a meal.

Nehammer discusses poverty in the video, before expressing dissatisfaction with the way the media addresses child hunger.

“What does it imply when a child in Austria is unable to receive a hot meal? Are you aware of the least expensive hot meal option in Austria? Although it may not be nutritious, a McDonald’s hamburger costs only €1.40, and with fries, it totals to €3.50. It’s hard to believe that in our country, some are alleging that parents cannot afford this meal for their child,” he stated.

The conservative People’s Party confirmed to Plus24 that in a video filmed at a wine-and-cheese event near Salzburg, the speaker stated, “If I am lacking funds, I increase my work hours.” There were no burgers present in the video.

According to a representative from McDonald’s Austria, while prices may differ, it is indeed feasible to dine at a low cost as Nehammer stated.

The hamburger with 250 calories is the most affordable option on the menu.

According to Dorota Sienkiewicz, policy manager of EuroHealthNet, it is clear that advising anyone, especially children, to make unhealthy food choices is the worst health advice one could give. She also emphasized that children are not equipped to protect themselves from the negative effects of unhealthy eating.

Michael Landau, the president of Caritas Austria, stated on X (formerly known as Twitter) that thanks to the birthplace lottery, no one in Austria has to suffer from starvation or freezing during winter. However, he also pointed out that those who claim that such issues do not exist in Austria are not aware of the actual situation faced by its citizens.