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Review of the restaurant: Le P’tit Chouia En +

Rue de la Pacification 38

How are you? The appetizer platter consisting of lentils, hummus, and marinated vegetables was both fresh and attractively arranged. The couscous dishes and tagines, with their delightful spice blends, are a sure bet, and both the vegetarian and lamb options were superb. The servings are plentiful and served steaming hot (on a balmy late summer evening, they may even make you perspire!)

What is the problem? The service may be slow and unfriendly. When we were a big group, we were advised not to order items that would take a long time to make and were informed that the kitchen was out of some choices. Thankfully, the food was delicious enough to make up for the delay.

Atmosphere: The establishment has a spacious and bright feel, featuring tiled tables and hints of Moroccan influence in its design. Located on a tranquil square, the restaurant had its windows open on a hot evening to allow for a refreshing breeze.

Who will be covering the cost? The prices are quite affordable, with the majority of main dishes priced below €15.

Spotted: Close to the EU Quarter but off the beaten path, this place seems to be a favorite among locals — you’re not likely to run into anyone from the office (unless you bring them along, as I did).

Here’s a helpful hint: The wine served at this establishment is unexpectedly delicious.

Did you know: The restaurant’s name means “The small additional detail.”

To reach the destination: The location is close to Square Ambiorix and can be easily reached by walking from the Schuman, Maalbeek, or Madou metro stations.

On September 28, 2023, a review was published with an illustration by Dato Parulava for POLITICO.