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Review of Gallery Resto-Boutique dining establishment.

Rue du Grand Cerf 7

What’s up? At The Gallery Resto-Boutique, their menu offers a wide variety of dishes from different regions in Asia, giving customers the option to choose where they want their taste buds to journey. Some options include beef soup from Hanoi, Thai curries, and a classic Beijing-style roasted duck.

What is not satisfactory? We had high expectations for the flavors but unfortunately, the chicken in the asparagus soup starter was lacking in taste and the Thai red curry had raisins, indicating that the restaurant may be catering to a non-local audience.

Vibe: The restaurant’s interior design, with its black and white aesthetic, enhances its gallery theme. We were informed that the space is available for artists to showcase their art. We dined on comfortable white chairs, admiring the cheetah and elephant images adorning the walls, and a prominent golden Buddha head displayed behind the bar.

Who will be covering the bill? The cost is fair for the upscale Louise neighborhood, but slightly steep for Brussels, with appetizers ranging from €11 to €14 and main dishes from €17 to €20, so it may be best to have the company card on hand.

Reported: Last month, the highest-ranking EU official, Josep Borrell, had a meal at this location with Enrique Mora, the EU’s negotiator for the Iran nuclear deal, and Rob Malley, Mora’s American counterpart. We have also been informed that European Council President Charles Michel and Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo are regular customers.

Interesting tidbit: The menu proudly states that the food does not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) or garlic, a common flavor enhancer in Asian dishes. Apparently, the chef has an allergy to garlic, making this a great option for professional gatherings where bad breath is a concern. However, this may not be such a fun fact for those who love garlic.

To reach the destination, take a 20-minute stroll or a quick metro trip from Arts-Loi. Walk by the high-end shops on Boulevard de Waterloo and turn onto the adjacent street.

— Review published on July 14, 2022. Illustration by Bailey Watro for POLITICO.