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in Gaza The Israeli ambassador to Brussels is urging members of the European Union to assist in controlling the conflict in Gaza.

The chief Israeli representative in Brussels has requested assistance from EU nations in containing the conflict with Hamas in Gaza, following a recent surge of casualties resulting from Hamas’ offensive.

“We are urging the EU and the international community to send a clear message to Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority that this is solely directed towards Gaza,” stated Haim Regev, the Israeli ambassador to the EU and NATO, in an interview with POLITICO.

Afterwards, Israel carried out counterattacks in Gaza and the defense minister of Israel imposed a “total blockade” on the territory controlled by Hamas, resulting in 2 million residents being deprived of electricity, fuel, and food. The total number of deaths from the conflict reached nearly 1,600 people as of Monday evening.

Since Sunday, the Israeli military has been engaged in a continued exchange of gunfire with armed individuals along its northern border with Lebanon. Hezbollah, a Lebanese organization that is both a militant group and a political party, has denied any involvement in the recent clashes.

Israel has declared war and their main objective, according to Regev, is to completely eliminate Hamas’ ability to engage in military operations. He cautioned neighboring countries to refrain from getting involved in the conflict, stating that Israel will respond and it would be best for Lebanon, Hezbollah, and the West Bank to stay out of it. Regev made these comments prior to an emergency meeting with EU foreign ministers on Tuesday.

The European Union is involved in this situation and has its own connections with Lebanon. They are also providing support to Ramallah. It is important to have clarity when working with them.

The European Union’s answer on Monday was unclear and fragmented. Olivér Várhelyi, the EU’s commissioner for neighborhood and enlargement, declared a halt to millions of euros in developmental assistance to Palestinians.

The first to speak out against the announcement was Jean Asselborn, the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg. Other countries, including Spain and Ireland, also expressed their disagreement.

On Monday, the European Commission stated that it will assess the aid given to the Palestinian Authority but clarified that no payments will be suspended as there were none scheduled.

Regev stated that Israel plans to request international aid in freeing approximately 100 civilian and military captives who were taken by Hamas into Gaza, some of whom may have died.

The European Union has classified Hamas as a terrorist group, but we advocate for increased pressure to ensure that they receive no aid or support while they continue to hold hostages.

“These individuals are innocent civilians and therefore cannot be involved in any negotiations or discussions.”

The Israeli military has been engaged in ongoing clashes with armed individuals at its northern border with Lebanon since Sunday. The organization Hezbollah was involved in the conflict.

He downplayed the potential consequences of the war on the current negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia to establish diplomatic relations. Some experts believed that this was one of the reasons why Hamas chose to strike at that particular time, as it has strong ties with Iran that could be affected by the new alliance.

The ambassador stated that there should be no connection between the two, and also mentioned that it is certainly feasible for the discussions to carry on.

The ambassador declined to confirm if Iran, a major supporter of Hamas, played a direct role in these assaults.

He stated that the EU has sufficient resources to exert greater pressure on Iran, but Iran is not the main concern here.

The EU’s top leaders, including Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell, have expressed their support for Israel, which was welcomed by Regev in Jerusalem.

A telephone conversation between von der Leyen and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being arranged by Brussels and Jerusalem, according to him.