Friday, June 21, 2024


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Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán believes that the EU needs to address challenging inquiries before initiating discussions about Ukraine joining the union.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, stated on Friday that there are still some challenging and extensive inquiries that must be addressed before the European Union can begin negotiations for membership with Ukraine.

The European Commission is currently evaluating Ukraine’s advancements and will release its yearly enlargement package in the coming month. In December, European Union leaders will determine if they will commence accession discussions with Ukraine.

According to Reuters, Orbán stated on state radio that the EU needs to determine if they are able to seriously contemplate granting membership to a nation currently engaged in war.

Orbán stated that the size of the country and its population are currently unknown due to the ongoing war and mass displacement. He expressed concern over the idea of admitting a country to the EU without knowing its details, calling it unprecedented.

Last summer, the EU awarded Ukraine with candidate status, initiating a lengthy process that may take several years. However, Ukrainian leaders are aiming to expedite the process and become a member of the EU within two years.

Hungary has expressed disapproval of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but has also had conflicts with Ukraine regarding the EU’s proposal to establish a €20 billion military fund and the treatment of Hungarian minorities in Kyiv.