Monday, May 13, 2024


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According to Nigel Farage, he will handle the reality TV jungle well after dealing with deceptive individuals in the EU.

Nigel Farage may soon find himself in the jungle, but it should be no challenge for him after dealing with deceitful individuals in the European Parliament.

The ex-leader of the Brexit Party revealed that he is thinking about joining the cast of “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here,” a popular British reality TV program where participants are sent to the Australian jungle to complete challenging tasks and compete for public approval.

During an appearance on GB News, Farage stated that he would be capable of handling the job due to his experience dealing with difficult situations and working alongside people with varying agendas during his 20 years as an MEP.

He shared with host Mark Dolan, “The individuals I had to spend time with in Brussels in the recent months were quite unpleasant.”

“I was denied service at coffee shops, restaurants, and even my go-to pub informed me that they could no longer serve me due to fear of losing customers.”

Farage stated that he had previously declined offers to appear on the show due to financial incentives, but is currently in talks with them.

“He informed me that he received a contract and intends to thoroughly review it.”

Farage described the ITV show as “a massive program, watched by a vast number of young people who care about their lives but aren’t engaged in politics,” and made clear he was giving an appearance “real thought.”

Farage wouldn’t be the first British politician to subject himself to the reality show gauntlet. Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson’s health secretary until he quit in a scandal, came third last year, after a stint on the same show that saw him eat camel penis on primetime TV.

Paul Burrell, a former servant to the deceased Princess Diana and a previous competitor on the program, expressed to GB News that the former UK Independence Party leader should participate. “I would like to witness Nigel Farage drinking a cocktail made of cockroaches,” he stated.