Sunday, May 19, 2024


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A task force has been formed by Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic to address issues regarding illegal immigration.

On Friday, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced that Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic will create a collaborative task force to combat “inhumane smuggling crime” and unauthorized immigration.

On Friday, Faeser released a statement expressing a desire to eliminate the inhumane practice of smuggling, which profits off of people’s hardships and puts their lives at risk while crossing borders.

She stated that they have reached an agreement to increase collaborative patrols between the police forces in the area, including our federal police on Czech and Polish land.

The collaborative effort, led by Europol’s EMPACT program and coordinated by Faeser, Czech Interior Minister Vít Rakušan, and Poland’s Mariusz Kamiński, will involve German, Czech, and Polish police working on each other’s territories to combat illegal immigration and uncover smuggling routes.

Faeser has recently made a new effort to manage the issue of illegal immigration. On Wednesday, she declared temporary restrictions on Germany’s borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. This decision was prompted by the rising fear and shifting views of Germany’s mainstream parties regarding migration, in response to the increasing support for the far-right party AfD.

With the upcoming state elections in Hesse, Germany, Faeser, a member of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats, is cautiously navigating her candidacy for prime minister. In the event she does not win the Hesse elections, she has declared her intention to maintain her role as interior minister of Germany.