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, the National Endowment for the Arts has supported and funded a wide range of projects in the arts The National Endowment for the Arts has provided financial support for various artistic endeavors, including art exhibitions, educational opportunities, and film productions.

The MFPI has proposed initiatives to enhance the arts and culture of the Philippines.

The pandemic-related break from in-person events lasting two years has ended, and the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI) reports that there has been a strong turnout to support Philippine arts and culture.

The revived enthusiasm is the primary factor behind the foundation’s main fundraising event, the MaArte Fair at The Peninsula Manila, experiencing significant success this year.

According to Max Ventura, a member of MFPI, we had approximately 10,000 visitors, averaging 3,500 per day, during the three-day fair. The revenue earned was more than twice that of the previous year.

The speaker stated that there were 120 participants in this year’s event, which is an increase from the 94 in the previous year. The fair, which took place in August, provided a space for vendors of locally made and eco-friendly products such as gourmet chocolates, household and personal care items, clothing, and jewelry to showcase their goods on three floors of The Pen, including the Rigodon Ballroom.

According to Mr. Ventura, the artisan exhibitors were given a larger area to showcase and sell their creations.

In the future, the MFPI hopes that the excitement generated by this event will continue into their upcoming endeavors, such as lectures, tours, and sponsored art fairs.


The Museum Foundation is an organization that supports the special projects of museums in the Philippines, with a primary focus on the National Museum. It operates as a non-stock, not-for-profit membership and volunteer organization.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, Danny Jacinto, the president of MFPI, stated that the MaArte Fair’s successful fundraising will contribute significantly to the implementation of various projects.

In the month of July, a scholarship opportunity was offered to a National Museum staff member to pursue a Master’s degree in Heritage and Exhibit Design at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. This was in addition to the employee who was previously sent to study Conservation Science in Melbourne.

Mr. Jacinto stated that the scholarship program is a significant undertaking and they are currently pursuing collaborations with various embassies to potentially co-sponsor scholars alongside them.

He stated that this initiative will benefit not only the National Museum, but also other nearby museums in the future as the scholars can share their newfound knowledge with their colleagues upon their return.

Each year in February, the organization offers support to the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Pasinaya Festival by providing shuttles for visitors to hop-on and hop-off at 13 museums and galleries located in Pasay and Manila.


Providing financial support for art fairs, initiatives, and gatherings.
2023 has been an exceptional year for arts and culture in the Philippines, as evidenced by the numerous events organized by MFPI.

In addition to organizing the MaArte Fair, the foundation also acts as a supporter and collaborator for Art Fair Philippines, taking place in February, and Art in the Park, taking place in March.

This year, they extended support for the production of Threaded Traditions: The Inabal of the Bagobo-Tagabawa, a

A 30-minute film created with the purpose of preserving weaving customs and commemorating the talented weaver Salinta Monon.

The film will be finished by next month and was entirely shot in Bansalan, Davao.

Mr. Jacinto stated that while their primary focus is on the National Museum as per their mandate, they also utilize other donations and grants to support initiatives aimed at preserving culture and promoting the arts.

He mentioned that they are currently in the process of being accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC). This will enable them to align their grants in accordance with the standard practices in the NGO industry.

The board of MFPI welcomes donations at all times. While their main sources of fundraising are MaArte at The Pen and Art in the Park, they are willing to work with other NGOs and corporations and accept monetary donations, services, or manpower.

According to Tanya Pico, the executive director of MFPI, their objective is to make arts and culture available to a wider audience.

She stated, “We aim to contribute to the enhancement of our arts and culture by receiving greater support for our projects. This will allow us to reach a wider audience of Filipinos, not limited to a specific social class, but inclusive of all.” – Brontë H. Lacsamana