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The Motion Picture and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) rejects the motion for reconsideration filed by It’s Showtime.

Eat Bulaga

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has decided to reject ABS-CBN’s Motion for Reconsideration (MR) regarding the 12-day suspension of their noontime variety program, Eat Bulaga, with a majority vote.It’s Showtime. 

political undertones.”

During a press conference on September 28th, the board reaffirmed their ruling from August 17th in response to complaints about the show’s “political undertones.”Isip Bata” segment. 

The part, broadcasted on July 25, caused uproar as comedian-host Vice Ganda playfully licked cake frosting given by their partner Ion Perez in a perceived “inappropriate” way. 

“A big majority of board members, which are comprised of educators, businessmen, and lawyers, voted to deny the MR,”” saidPaulino Cases, chairman of the MTRCB adjudication committee, at the briefing.  

He stated that, out of a total of 30 board members, 27 voted against approving the MR. 

Lala Sotto-Antonio, the MTRCB chair, stated that she refrained from voting for the suspension in the interest of transparency and impartiality.  

“I firmly stand by the notion that being my father’s daughter should not be held against me. In fact, it should be seen as a positive aspect, as I have grown up in the industry and have a deep love and understanding for it. I am simply performing my job with humility and fairness,” she stated.  

Eat Bulaga.

Ms. Sotto has received backlash for the decision made by the board due to the fact that her father, Tito Sotto III, is the host of Eat Bulaga.It’s Showtime

The competing midday program, EAT.  

The MTRCB restated that this situation is covered by Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1986. This decree gives the board the authority to reject inappropriate segments and prohibit the airing of television shows. 

The statement also mentioned that the action in question was performed in an inappropriate manner in front of children, which goes against Section 3(C) of the mentioned decree.  

Ms. Sotto stated that they receive a large number of complaints about this segment, both through official reports to MTRCB and through messages from family and friends. 

ABS-CBN has issued a statement on their authorized websites and social media pages following the denial, stating that they are currently investigating all potential avenues to challenge it. 

the temporary suspension of our TV program.”

We have been informed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board that our Motion for Reconsideration regarding the temporary suspension of our TV program has been denied. It’s Showtime

We are currently investigating all of our possible solutions and choices, according to the statement. 

It’s Showtime

The suspension can be contested within 15 days of receiving the MR decision by appealing to the Office of the President. In the meantime, the airing will continue.Brontë H. Lacsamana