Friday, February 16, 2024


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The importation of pork from Sweden has been prohibited by the Philippines.

The DA has prohibited the import of swine and pork items from Sweden due to an outbreak of African Swine Fever.

Undersecretary Domingo F. Panganiban signed a memorandum order that placed a temporary restriction on the transportation of domestic and wild pigs and their related products such as meat, pig skin, and semen.

The memorandum states that implementing sanitary and phytosanitary measures is necessary in order to regulate and safeguard human and animal health.

The District Attorney announced that they will temporarily stop the handling, assessment, and granting of import clearances for the affected items related to health and plant safety.

The statement also mentioned that any shipments already in transit before the ban will be permitted entry, as long as the animals were killed before August 6th.

The memo also permitted the seizure of these shipments by the Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary Quarantine Officers and Inspectors at major ports.

The beginning of the ASF epidemic was first observed in a wild boar in Fagersta, Sweden. The confirmation was made by the Swedish National Veterinary Institute on September 6 and reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Sweden is authorized to export swine-related goods to the Philippines. There is a need to prevent the introduction of ASF-susceptible products from Sweden, which could potentially enter through hand-carried items on international ships or other routes. This statement was made by Adrian H. Halili.