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Reducing the cost of green initiatives is crucial for creating sustainable cities.

Lowering the expense of environmentally-friendly options and gaining backing from the National Government will aid in promoting sustainable cities, according to experts.

Many individuals desire to lead a sustainable lifestyle, but the high cost is a major obstacle. This is where the concept of a “green premium” comes into play. The main goal is finding ways to reduce this premium, according to Anna Ma. Margarita B. Dy, president and CEO of Ayala Land, Inc. She shared this during a panel discussion on creating sustainable cities at the FINEX Conference 2023.


The extra expense of choosing a green-labeled building instead of a traditional one is referred to as “ned”.

According to Ms. Dy, in the field of property development, if everyone aims for net-zero, then our suppliers must also strive for it and our customers will now expect it. As a result, we must all work towards reducing the cost of environmentally-friendly options.

She stated that companies should prioritize reducing the green premium.

According to Paulo G. Alcazaren, an urban planner and landscape architect at PGAA Creative Design, a significant obstacle in creating a sustainable city is acquiring land.

r to make it available for exploitation.”

“The key issue is land ownership and access. A thorough examination of all remaining government-owned land is necessary, as the government’s inclination is often to sell or exploit it.”ff

He stated that all of these areas are actually usable.

Mayor Mar-len Abigail Binay-Campos of Makati emphasized the importance of taking into account the available land resources and support from the National Government. 

creating environmentally-friendly urban areas.

She stated that the most significant source of annoyance are factors that we cannot influence. Therefore, obtaining the backing of the National Government is crucial.

Mrs. Binay-Campos mentioned that an LGU (local government unit) could attempt to alleviate overcrowding in its city by relocating residents to a different area and providing them with means of livelihood.

find a space for that and provide livelihood,” she said.


The effectiveness of relocating people to a new area will be compromised if the government fails to meet their needs.

The CEO of D.M. Wenceslao Group, Delfin Angelo C. Wenceslao, stated that developers should focus on enhancing urban mobility in their developments.

According to Mr. Wenceslao, the sidewalks in Aseana City must be at least five meters in size. Therefore, anyone who constructs or rents property in our city must adhere to these regulations and ensure their compliance.

Our customers who have purchased or leased land from us may notice that if they observe that the fi

The first two builders have already accomplished this, and they will recognize that it is only natural to continue,” he stated. – Justine Irish D. Tabile