Thursday, June 20, 2024


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Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PhilMech) will be supplying rice processing equipment worth P95.4 million to farmers in Nueva Ecija.

The Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PhilMech) announced plans to provide farmers in Nueva Ecija with rice processing systems valued at P95.4 million.

PHilMech announced that they have signed multiple agreements to provide equipment to farmers, marking the initial round of deliveries for this month.

PhilMech is set to provide the Muñoz, Nueva Ecija government with equipment valued at P61.4 million. This will include two recirculating dryers and a multi-pass rice mill.

The region will also be given two recirculating dryers weighing six tons each, as well as a multi-pass rice mill with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour, valued at approximately P18 million.

The agency has entered into agreements with the provinces of Quezon, Tarlac, and Bulacan to supply equipment to rice farmers.

PhilMech has turned over P43 million worth of machinery to Tarlac, and to two municipalities in Bulacan.

Equipment worth P16 million will be given to certain areas in Quezon, including a 12-ton recirculating dryer and a 1.5-ton per hour multi-pass rice mill.

“Using funds from the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund, PhilMech provides equipment to upgrade rice farming methods.” – Adrian H. Halili