Tuesday, June 25, 2024


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It is probable that the bomb warnings in the Philippines are a hoax, according to aviation police.

The head of the aviation security group in the Philippines stated that a recent anonymous alert about potential bombs on departing flights from Manila’s airport is likely false.

Jack Wanky, the director of the group, stated that airport operations are ongoing and considered to be normal.

On Friday, the aviation authority of the country made public a memo from Oct. 4 instructing airport security managers to increase security measures, thoroughly check luggage, and maintain constant surveillance in response to a threatening email.

On October 4th, a memo was sent with a screenshot of a threat that did not use the word “bomb” but stated that an airplane would explode at Manila’s international airport today and warned people to be cautious.

An anonymous email mentioned that Cebu, Palawan, Bicol, and Davao will also experience the impact.

According to an unnamed source from Philippines Airlines, who requested anonymity due to not being authorized to speak to the press, the airline is continuing to operate normally.

According to a representative from Cebu Pacific Air, the airline is adhering to standard procedures.

Jaime J. Bautista, the Transportation Secretary, announced that there has been an increase in patrols and the deployment of K9 units at all terminals of Manila’s international airport. Additionally, law enforcement agencies are working closely together to coordinate efforts.

Mr. Bautista stated in a message that there will be no anticipated effect on scheduled flights and reassured the public that measures have been implemented to ensure their safety and security.