Thursday, June 20, 2024


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ICTSI has announced that its Brazil terminal has been certified as carbon-neutral.

ICTSI, also known as INTERNATIONAL Container Terminal Services, Inc. 

On Monday, it was announced that the Brazilian division of the company has obtained certification for being carbon-neutral.

On Monday, the port operator stated that Tecon Suape is intensifying its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its daily operations. They are focusing on maintaining a delicate equilibrium between maintaining the terminal’s high productivity and promoting environmental preservation.

Tecon Suape, S.A. is a facility owned by ICTSI that operates within the Suape Port and Industrial Complex. It caters to key businesses in the Pernambuco area of Brazil.

Achieving carbon neutrality requires a company or organization to demonstrate that it has not increased its greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing carbon offsets.

According to ICTSI, Tecon Suape is actively increasing its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its operations. The company also stated that Tecon Suape is utilizing renewable energy sources.

The company has taken steps to decrease its carbon emissions by implementing strategies to improve energy efficiency. The terminal now utilizes systems that replace traditional electricity with renewable sources.

ICTSI’s department has implemented clean development mechanisms, also known as CDM projects, which have been acknowledged as producers of carbon credits.

The port operator announced that Tecon Suape has become its fourth terminal to achieve carbon-neutral status. This joins the company’s other certified terminals, including Contecon Guayaquil in Ecuador, Contecon Manzanillo in Mexico, and Rio Brasil Terminal.

On Monday at the stock exchange, the price of ICTSI shares remained at P203.40 each.