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In the past few decades, the most technologically advanced cities were envisioned as ones with towering skyscrapers made of steel and granite, glass and cement towers, brightly lit highways, and paved roads. The idea of sustainability or incorporating natural elements into architectural designs was not commonly seen as a sign of progress.

Currently, as the world continues to navigate the consequences of COVID-19 and confront the challenges of climate change, the concept of sustainable buildings is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming standard practice. This marks a significant change in how cities are planned and developed.

These innovative structures integrate environmentally friendly practices, renewable energy sources, and advanced technologies to create a harmonious balance between human needs and the natural world. With their potential to redefine urban landscapes, these buildings are set to shape the cities of the future.

In today’s society, we are faced with the daunting task of addressing climate change and environmental harm. As a result, the idea of sustainability has become increasingly important. In order to address this issue, it is the responsibility of property developers to prioritize constructing sustainable buildings that reduce their impact on the environment while also optimizing efficiency and convenience for occupants.

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. is a prominent real estate company in Southeast Asia that has recently added the FourE-com Center in the SM Mall of Asia Complex to its impressive collection of premium office properties.

“Situated in the less-congested Bay Area, FourE-com Center is the latest addition to SM Prime’s portfolio of high-quality, world-class office spaces, catering to both the growing corporate and BPO market in the Philippines. Today, it stands as the latest architectural landmark and an integral component of SM Prime’s E-com Office Block in the larger Mall of Asia mixed-use master plan, providing generous and flexible office solutions within a sustainable environment that rivals other international business hubs,” Alexis Ortiga, Vice-President for Commercial Properties Group at SM Prime, said in an interview.

David Zaballero, Director of Arquitectonica, explains that the design of the towers creates a striking appearance that allows companies to showcase their corporate identity. The FourE-com Center’s unique shapes also provide a range of floor sizes for BPO tenants to choose from for their leased spaces. Additionally, the varying chamfers offer different views, preventing direct sightlines into neighboring offices and providing scenic perspectives of the waterfront and bay.

“The Mall of Asia E-com Centers were designed by Arquitectonica,” he mentioned. “SM Prime’s objective was to give each E-com Center its own distinct identity while maintaining a cohesive connection. This led to the incorporation of grand arches, dynamic slabs, and unique, contrasting tower shapes in the previous E-com Centers.”

Arquitectonica designed Three crystalline tower structures at FourE-com Center, a larger site, which rise from the ground at dynamic angles and are accentuated by the all-glass facade and feature fins/lights that run across its surface. The podium deck is also connected to the ground through expansive landscaped terraces, and the grand monumental stairs invite pedestrians to explore the various levels of the buildings. The goal was to create a vibrant composition with a distinct identity that meets the demands of both the market and the client.

The recently built FourE-com Center offers 100,000 square meters of rentable space divided into three 15-story towers. It is the most recent office building in the SM Mall of Asia Complex to receive Pre-LEED Gold certification.

“Mr. Ortiga stated that the LEED Gold Pre-certification of FourE-com Center offers a sustainable office option that meets the increasing ESG standards of both local and international companies. As part of the E-Com Series, FourE-com Center also has a fifth level sky garden for employees and guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a secured environment. The office floors feature flexible open-lay out spaces ranging from 90 sq.m. to 3,200 sq.m., with air-conditioning provided.”

The FourE-com Center will be linked to the carefully designed Mall of Asia Complex through a network of elevated pedestrian bridges. This will allow tenants and their employees to conveniently walk to other essential locations within the Complex, such as E-Com offices, transportation hubs, top-rated hotels, and of course, the Mall of Asia.

The sustainable design of FourE-com Center incorporates several features such as a double-glazed glass curtain to increase natural light in offices, LED lighting, water-saving fixtures and aerators, pressure-operated escalators, and recycled water for irrigation. The building also includes bike racks, shower rooms, and interconnected elevated walkways to promote a decrease in carbon emissions.

Mr. Ortiga stated that they are continuously constructing environmentally-friendly buildings with top-notch facilities and sustainable elements, creating a motivating workspace for their tenants and stakeholders.

Mr. Ortiga mentioned that SM Prime has a goal to increase its office holdings due to the positive outlook and momentum in the real estate market. He explained that their strategies are backed by policies promoting a return to the office, increasing demand for office spaces from e-commerce, BPOs, and data centers, and a need for sustainable and modern office solutions, all of which contribute to the growth of the real estate industry.

Other LEED-certified buildings owned by SM Offices are ThreeE-com Center in the Mall of Asia Complex, Mega Tower in Ortigas CBD, Aura Tower in Bonifacio Global City, and North Towers in Quezon City.

In July 2019, the East and West towers of FourE-com Center began functioning and are currently being used by well-known and prestigious companies in the fintech and e-commerce field.

Earlier this year, the South Tower of FourE-com Center was finished and is now available for tenants who require multiple floors or custom spaces for their daily business needs.


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