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Commending greatness: Awards for Top Businesses in the Philippines and Distinguished Achievers 2023

Recognizing outstanding persons, businesses, and accomplishments

The stage is set for an extraordinary celebration of excellence as the prestigious “Philippine Finest Business Awards and Outstanding Achievers 2023” gears up to recognize and honor exceptional individuals, companies, and achievements that have made a significant impact on the business landscape.

La Visual Corp. and SIRBISU Channel are collaborating to host the “Philippine Finest Business Awards and Outstanding Achievers 2023”. This event celebrates businesses that strive for excellence, innovation, and dedication in their practices. It will be held on Sept. 8, 2023 at The Hexagon Events Place, located on the Penthouse Floor of Hexagon Corporate Center at 1471 Quezon Ave. West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines. Attendees can expect a glamorous and inspiring evening filled with well-deserved recognition.

The purpose of the awards ceremony is to recognize businesses and individuals who have shown dedicated dedication to the well-being of consumers, producing high-quality products, and providing exceptional customer service. From categories such as “Business Excellence” to “Outstanding Individual Achievements,” the event aims to shine a light on a wide range of achievements in different industries.

“We are excited to unite outstanding individuals, companies, and achievers in one place to acknowledge their significant impact on the business world,” stated La Visual Corp. “This occasion is more than just honoring awards; it serves as a source of motivation for others to aim for excellence and cultivate a stronger business community.”

In addition to creating anticipation, the event is pleased to have the backing of prestigious media partners including Business Mirror, BusinessWorld, The Market Monitor, Malaya Business Insight, Philippine Graphic, Pilipino Mirror, Pasyal Tayo, Light TV, 98.4 LOVE FM Teleradyo, Win Radio 91.5 Manila, Media House Express, Daily Tribune, Amazing Manila Journal, 97.9 Home Radio, DWIZ 882 AM, Manila Bulletin, and Aliw Channel 23. Their involvement ensures a wide reach and exposure to a larger audience. The “Philippine Finest Business Awards and Outstanding Achievers 2023” guarantees an evening filled with excitement, inspiration, and the celebration of remarkable success stories.

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