Tuesday, April 16, 2024


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Betterteem promotes an AI-based tool that has the ability to forecast employee resignations beforehand.

Betterteem Technologies, Inc. is an AI-powered predictive platform that aims to assist BPO companies in the Philippines in reducing employee resignations. These resignations are currently causing a significant loss of over $1 billion in annual revenue for the industry.

Betterteem recently completed the Techstars program in Israel and has received funding to continue improving its technology. This will help address a significant issue faced by BPO companies in the Philippines, which affects their growth.

“Our platform enables leaders in operations and HR to predict employee turnover,” stated Bo Discarga, the founder and CEO. “We analyze large volumes of employee data from our clients’ HR systems, including salary, performance evaluations, job roles, and demographics, to provide insights on potential resignations.”

AI holds the capability to play a crucial part in enhancing employee satisfaction and accurately predicting attrition rates. This, in turn, can improve resource planning by anticipating demand. Through early detection of signs of employee dissatisfaction and intention to resign, AI can also suggest necessary training, allowing for proactive measures to be taken.

Currently active in the Philippines and South Korea, Betterteem is dedicated to reducing the occurrence of employee resignations in the Asia-Pacific area. Betterteem AI is committed to introducing tools and advancements that assist operational and HR leaders in utilizing data and knowledge to comprehend the root causes of unwanted resignations within their companies, and forecasting the outcome of any planned actions.

Betterteem is utilizing a complimentary trial, an AI-driven technology, and an app for employee benefits to aid BPO companies in improving employee satisfaction and predicting unwanted resignations. This leads to a boost in employee retention.