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Achieving success through golf: The OA Global Dominion Cup in 2023.

The inaugural golf tournament hosted by Global Dominion Financing, Inc., the “OA Global Dominion Cup 2023!” took place at Valley Golf Antipolo in Rizal. This event celebrated partnerships and shared interests, amidst the beautiful greenery and peaceful surroundings. Along with the excitement of having celebrities and business connections present, there were also thrilling raffles and a special birthday dedication to Global Dominion’s Brand Ambassador, Singer-Songwriter Ogie Alcasid. The day left a lasting impression on all those who attended.

“Greetings to the inaugural OA Global Dominion Cup! We are fortunate to have beautiful weather and, of course, everyone is thrilled to be a part of this first ever OA Global Dominion,” announced Ogie Alcasid, the birthday celebrant and Global Dominion Brand Ambassador, as he welcomed the guests to the event.

The team at Global Dominion featuring Ogie Alcasid.

The 2023 OA Global Dominion Cup brought together visionary individuals and business owners. This event was not just about sports, but also a platform for innovation and collaboration among influential thinkers. Supported by sponsors who shared the vision, the event was a memorable display of talent and ideas.

th anniversary.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to all of our attendees and sponsors for joining us today. I extend my warmest birthday wishes to Ogie and extend congratulations to Global Dominion on celebrating their 20th anniversary.”th

“Wow, it’s our anniversary!” exclaimed Robert B. Jordan Jr., CEO of Global Dominion.

At the event, we saw Michael V. and his spouse, Boboy Garrovillo, Ella Nympha, Kiara Montebon, Daniela Uy, Emilio Garcia, Epi Quezon, Ronnie Henares, Bearwin Meily, Jong Cuenco, Monsour Del Rosario, Tonton Gutierez, Glydel Mercado, Shie Lanuza, Samantha Lopez, Mylene Salonga, and Nani Pazcoguin among the many famous people who were present.

th birthday

Happy 20th birthday to my brother, dear friend, and ambassador Ogie Alcasid! Wishing you a warm and joyful celebration on your special day. Cheers to another year of happiness and blessings! th

“Happy anniversary to Global Dominion! It has been 20 years since we started helping many of our fellow countrymen in their upliftment,” stated Ruben Y. Lugtu II, Chairman of the Board at Global Dominion.

Ogie Alcasid posed for a photo with a group of his friends at the OA Global Dominion Golf Cup in 2023.

As the attendees departed with awards, lasting memories, and new connections, the impact of the event continued to resonate. The individuals leaving as champions are listed below:

  • The closest shot to the hole, 8 feet away – Bong Fernando

  • Kiara Montebon drove the ball the farthest, covering a distance of 235 yards.

  • Most Accurate Drive — Bong Fernando and Paolo Martinez
  • Juanito Chua was declared the winner in the Division Champion Class A with a gross score of 70, a handicap of 3, and a net score of 67.

  • Michelle Packing won the Guest Division Champion title in Class B with a gross score of 91, a handicap of 19, and a net score of 72.

  • The White Team was named the Division Champion with a total of 273 points.

Chairman Ruben Lugtu II and Brand Ambassador Ogie Alcasid for Global Dominion.

The success of the OA Global Dominion Golf Cup is thanks to the dedication and commitment of the Global Dominion team. As we look forward to the next chapter of this year’s celebration, everyone is eagerly anticipating it with enthusiasm.

“Global Dominion President and COO Patricia Poco-Palacios expressed her congratulations to the winners of the OA Global Dominion Cup, marking its first ever occurrence. She hopes that everyone had a great time and enjoyed the event, which was made even better by the cooperative weather. The company looks forward to welcoming the winners back for future projects and events hosted by Global Dominion Financing.”

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