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For over five decades, the Board of Investments (BOI) has been recognized as a leading agency in promoting investments for various businesses and industries in the Philippines. This year, we are highlighting BOI’s invaluable partners who have played a significant role in our success over the years. They have graciously shared their perspectives on our partnership, including their experiences, challenges, and appreciation for BOI’s efforts in driving investments across different sectors and promoting sustainable development in the country.

ACEN Corp.’s President and CEO, John Eric T. Francia, stated that the company has been actively increasing its investments in renewable energy as the energy transition continues. With an estimated investment of P500 billion in the next decade, their successful partnership with the Board of Investments is a crucial factor in their progress.

Albert V. Rano, Jr., Allegro MicroSystems site managing director, said, “Our interaction with the team at BOI Philippines has been nothing short of exceptional. They have not only been knowledgeable about the policies and regulations governing business operations in the Philippines but have also provided invaluable guidance and support, ensuring a seamless experience for us especially during the height of the pandemic.”

Abhishek Mishra, the Chief Operating Officer of American Towers, expressed his gratitude towards the Board of Investments (BOI) in the Philippines for their hard work in providing support and incentives for the company’s operations. He commended the BOI team for their dedication to innovation and investment. American Towers is pleased to be registered with BOI and anticipates their continued assistance as they strive for a mutually beneficial partnership between the government and the company.

Anflo Industrial Estate expressed their gratitude to the Board of Investments for acknowledging them as a crucial investment center in the southern region of the Philippines. This highlights their unwavering commitment to promoting economic progress and innovation in Mindanao and contributing to the overall growth and development of the nation. They eagerly anticipate further cooperation with the agency in promoting the region as a hub for investment prospects.

Since 1984, Armscor Global Defense, Inc. has been the leading licensed producer of firearms and ammunition in the country. The company credits their partnership with the Board of Investments and non-pioneer status government incentives for their success in both domestic and international markets. This has solidified Armscor’s reputation as a trusted player in the defense industry and has also brought recognition to the skilled gunsmiths of the Philippines on a global scale.

Engr. Joshua M. Bingcang, the president and CEO of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), expressed gratitude for the ongoing support towards the BCDA’s investment projects both locally and internationally. He also emphasized the strong partnership between the BCDA and the BOI, and assured that the BCDA is committed to promoting key areas of investment to strengthen the Philippine economy.

According to James Ng, the general manager of BYD Philippine Corp., their experience with BOI has been exceptional. He expressed gratitude for BOI’s support and dedication in promoting investments and partnerships, which has greatly aided their goal of offering sustainable transportation options in the Philippines. Ng also praised BOI’s forward-thinking approach, which aligns with their own objectives, and thanked them for their cooperative spirit that has played a role in their achievements.

According to Concentrix President and CEO Chris Caldwell, the BOI continues to be a valuable partner, allowing us to create numerous job opportunities across the country and ensuring smooth operations in all of our locations. The ongoing support from BOI is essential in maintaining the Philippines’ reputation as the top destination for customer experience and in our ability to provide excellent service to clients and customers worldwide.

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. also expressed their appreciation. They acknowledged the Board of Investments (BOI) as a dependable ally in their growth and efforts to bring fast fiber optic internet and other digital services to all households and businesses in the Philippines. Converge is thankful for the productive partnership over the years and eagerly anticipates further growth and advancement with your continued support.

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support of DENSO’s additional investment in Smart Agri Tech, which plays a crucial role in enhancing the productivity of Philippine agriculture and improving the living conditions of Filipino farmers through the local development of automation systems. This would not have been possible without the unwavering support of BOI and your teams.” – Yuji Torii, President of Denso Philippines Corp.

Olivia Limpe-Aw, the President of Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc., expressed gratitude for the support given by DTI’s BOI. By quickly converting our liquor production plant into a sanitizer alcohol facility during the shortage, our company was able to not only survive the COVID-19 crisis but also maintain employment for our workers. Most importantly, we were able to fill the supply gap and stabilize the prices of this essential product. BOI sets an example of exemplary public service that others should strive to follow.

th anniversary.”

Jay Lopez, the GM of EastWest Seed, expressed his congratulations on the occasion of the company’s 56th

Celebrating our founding anniversary! We are grateful for the partnership and unwavering support provided by BOI in expanding our business. We wish you continued success and eagerly anticipate future collaborations with you.

Ferdinand A. Ferrer, the leader and top executive of Gruppo EMS, Inc., offered his well wishes and expressed that “The BOI has consistently been a leader in developing strategies and a setting that encourages investment prospects, leading to the advancement of the Philippines’ economy. It has continuously collaborated with businesses, seeking their valuable perspectives on international competitiveness, emerging technologies, industries, and enhancements in policies.”

The IBPAP stated that the BOI has been instrumental in the growth of many businesses in the Philippines, specifically in the IT-BPM industry, over the course of 56 years. The BOI’s efforts to promote the country as a top investment location, enhance the business climate to attract more companies, and cultivate an atmosphere conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship have been commendable.

Lance Y. Gokongwei, the leader and chief executive officer of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., expressed that the Philippine Board of Investments has consistently been a vital collaborator for companies like the Gokongwei Group. This partnership has been crucial in providing support and attractive incentives for businesses to continue investing in the Philippines, despite the mobile nature of capital and increasingly competitive investment environments in various countries. The Gokongwei Group is honored to work alongside the board in serving and contributing to the development of our nation.

Clement Yang, Chairman of Medtecs International Corp. Limited, stated that he has personally seen the significant impact of the BOI in driving economic growth and promoting innovation. He also acknowledged the BOI’s role in attracting foreign investments during their 30-year presence in the Philippines. Yang believes that the BOI’s efforts in promoting and marketing the country to foreign investors have greatly contributed to creating a strong investment climate.

President Andre Pablo Fausto of NKS Solar One, Inc. has expressed his backing for the joint venture between Blueleaf Energy and NKS Energy Utilities, which will see the construction of a 250-MWp floating solar project at Lake Caliraya and Lake Lumot. He also mentioned that the project has received strong support from the Department of Trade and Industries and the Philippine Board of Investments. Fausto emphasized their commitment to working closely with government agencies and private sectors to ensure the successful implementation of this significant floating solar endeavor.

On the occasion of the BOI’s anniversary, Amando M. Tetangco, Jr., Chairman of the Board of SM Investments Corp., expressed his support for their efforts to foster a favorable environment for investment and promote competitive industries in the Philippines. He also extended his well wishes for the continued growth and success of micro, small, and medium enterprises in the country.

The president and CEO of SunAsia Energy, Inc., Tetchi Capellan, acknowledged the release of Executive Order 18, which the BOI is currently implementing. This approach to public governance has allowed projects to progress more quickly. By 2050, the energy generation landscape will be transformed, with solar energy potentially making up 60% of our energy mix. The implementation of Executive Order 18 by the BOI will be crucial in achieving this goal.

Yuki Yokoi, President of Yokoisada (Phils.) Corp., stated that their company collaborated with the government during the pandemic to distribute surgical masks. These masks are one of the essential personal protective equipment (PPE) that can aid in protecting individuals and preventing the spread of COVID-19. This partnership was made possible with the assistance of the government, particularly the Board of Investments and Clark Development Corp.