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2GO is preparing for an upcoming rise in the transportation of goods.

2GO Group, Inc., a logistics company, is getting its main hubs located outside of Metro Manila ready for an anticipated increase in cargo volume during the upcoming holiday season.

“We are expecting a rise in logistics activity during this festive season,” stated Frederic C. DyBuncio, CEO and President of 2GO, in a press release on Wednesday.

He stated that the business is continuously investing in “preparing the supply chain by establishing a presence in our hubs and retaining a skilled workforce.”

2GO announced that it is dedicated to strengthening its collection of key locations throughout the nation in anticipation of a rise in cargo demand.

According to Mr. DyBuncio, our main focus is ensuring customer satisfaction and fulfilling our promises to both customers and partners, ensuring success throughout the year.

2GO is increasing the efficiency of its LCL services by launching hubs in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Zamboanga, and Cagayan de Oro.

According to the logistics company, LCL services are available at 17 ports operated by 2GO. These ports act as significant entry points for both dry goods and temperature-controlled cargo.

According to 2GO, by utilizing LCL, they are able to offer logistic assistance to MSMEs and entrepreneurs, guaranteeing that businesses of any scale can take advantage of their wide range of solutions.

The company’s goal is to enhance its presence in Visayas and Mindanao in order to improve the efficiency of deliveries for various industries, businesses, and personal shipments.

Faye Alonzo, Business Unit Head for Express and Forwarding at 2GO, has initiated a proactive effort to work together with key stakeholders in significant logistical areas throughout the Philippines. By strengthening our presence in major gateways, we not only improve our forwarding and cargo services, but also support our partners and clients in expanding their market reach, discovering new opportunities, and connecting logistical needs.

2GO is a transportation, logistics, and distribution company that operates within the country, owned by the Sy-led conglomerate SM Investments Corp.

The company provides a range of services such as transportation, storage and organization of inventory, distribution, specialized containers, logistics for projects, and logistics for e-commerce. It also offers sea transportation, freight forwarding, assistance with imports and exports, and customs clearance.